Thursday, October 13, 2011

Whats in store In the mobile app store

          The mobile phones we use daily have come a long way and has changed from just being used to make calls,it has become a super hero device.[probably why they are categorized as smart phones?].

People buying mobile phones are on the rise and app store support to the mobiles plays a major role in the sales of the mobile phones.Now i can get the question in your mind.Does my mobile have an app store?
Read the remaining of the document to get your queries cleared.
Lets come to the point.What are the major app stores available
The current major app stores present in the market are as follows:-

1. OVI Store.(Nokia)
2. Google Android Market.(Google).
3. Apple App Store. (Apple)
4. Samsung Apps Store.(Samsung)
5. BlackBerry App World. (Black berry)
6. Windows MarketPlace for Mobile.(Microsoft)
7. Palm App Catalog. (hp)
8. Play Now Arena. (Sony Ericsson)
9. Mobile Applications Store.(Dell).
10. LG Application Store.(LG).

Consider that the app store given here mainly deals with the major app store supported by the device manufacturers & mobile os and the third party independent apps store & operator provided
app store are not dealt with.(Probably they would be dealt with the part 2 series).

1. OVI Store. (Nokia) :-
  • Launch date:-May 26, 2009
  • Applications:- 83579 +apps
  • Current OS Version:- Symbian anna.
  • Whats hot:- OVI brand will discontinue and services are rebranded as Nokia brand.
2. Android App Market.(Google) :-
  • Launch date:-Oct 22, 2008
  • Applications:- 2,50,000 + apps officially
  • Current OS Version:-2.3 (Gingerbread) .3.2 (Honeycomb)
  • Whats hot:-Android Icecream Sandwich. the one mobile OS to run on both tablets as well as smartphones.
3. iPhone App Store. (Apple) :-
  • Launch date:-Jul 10, 2008
  • Applications:- 5,00,000+ apps officially
  • Current OS Version:-iOS 4.3
  • Whats hot:-The launch of os iOS 5.0 with 200+new features.
4. Samsung apps:(Samsung) :-
  • Launch date:-Sep 14, 2009
  • Applications:- 40,000 +apps.
  • No.of countries:-118.
  • Whats hot:-Samsung will start supporting content for HDTVs in the store.
5. Black berry App world. (RIM) :-
  • Launch date:-Apr 1, 2009
  • Applications:- 37,176 +apps.
  • Current OS Version:-7.0
  • Whats hot:-The release of blackberry app world 3.0 with improved UI,searching and payment options.
6. Windows marketPlace.(Micro soft):-
  • Launch date:-Oct 6, 2009
  • Applications:- 2,367 +apps.
  • Current OS Version:-7.5 (mango)
  • Whats hot:- features like multi tasking,hands free messaging and social networking have been integrated with the latest OS.
7. Palm app catalog. (hp):-
  • Launch date:-Jun 6, 2009
  • Applications:- 7,062 +apps.
  • Current OS Version:-Web OS 2.1.2 (Veer)
  • Whats hot:-HP announced plans for a version of webOS by the end of 2011 to run within the Microsoft Windows operating system.
8. play now. (sony ericsson):-
  • Launch date:-Aug 10, 2009  
  • Supported platforms:- java,symbian & window.
  • No of countries accessible:-35
  • Whats hot:-No registration,submission,yearly,service fee.
9. mobile applications store.(Dell):-
  • Launch date:-Aug 12, 2010
  • Supported platforms:- Android,blackberry,windows mobile,palm,symbian
  • No of apps present:-50,000 +apps
  • Whats hot:-The introduction of Gift certificates that can be used to gift apps to your loved ones.
10. LG Application Store. (LG):-
  • Launch date:-Jul 14, 2009.
  • Supported platforms:- Android.
  • No of apps present:-3000 +apps
  • Whats hot:-Use Points to download apps which you can earn by doing various things like logging in to the site, recommending the site to others and rating your downloads.a

The final verdict:-
So after reviewing all the apps store the hard question comes...which is the best.?
With 5 million + apps and more than 1 billion downloads and creating the revolution in the mobile industry by creating the first one stop solution for buying and selling apps,
The apple app store wins the mobile app store war hands down...
-Pranavanathan Ponnusamy


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