Friday, April 3, 2009

Eucalyptus: Clouding privately

In our constant pursuit of exploring new technologies, we stumbled upon the Eucalyptus and greatly contemplated on its installation. Being driven by our leaning towards cloud. Eucalyptus really clouded our minds and we decided, "no pain, no gain". And here we are having successfully installed Eucalyptus and here is how we did it. We have the Cloud Controller, the Cluster Controller and Node Controller all up and running. But the document is still a draft version.

Why Draft?
We are not basking in the clouds having did it, Eucalyptus did not allow us to do so. We have some post installation pains and trying to solve them.We shall release the final version once we figure out a way. Keep watching this blog post.

Download the Eucalyptus Installation Document from here.


Farzad said...

Dear Poster,

Any updates?


Anonymous said...


I wasn't able to download your .pdf file for your Eucalyptus installation documentation--file not found.

Please fix.


CSS Labs said...

you can download it from the following URL

Anonymous said...

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